Find out the top 10 money management apps for Android

Money is the basic requirement of life and we just cannot live without it. We spend our hard earned money on our necessities and fancies to make our life fulsome and satisfying. However, most of us are also concerned about the rising expenses from our pocket every month and always keep trying to put a bar on them. Budgeting and money management is thus intrinsic to our lives; although we are not experts at it.

Most people are looking for some assistance and counsels in this regard so that savings could be optimized and better fiscal discipline is achieved in life and household. Thanks to the smart apps that have come to the rescue. These applications allow for efficient tracking and management of the expense heads while maintaining a dynamic record of what and where we are spending. The condition of discrepancy can now be done away with and we can assess the patterns of income and spends precisely. Here are the top 10 money management apps for Android OS. Have a look on them and find the one resonant to your choices!


Top 10 Money Management Apps For Android

Monefy has been offered as the personal money manager app for the Android users. It has been smartly designed to match the expense heads that most of the common social dwellers have in their life and routine. Thus the expense tracking becomes really easy and consistent for the users. Monefy offers categories like bills, transportation, health costs, entertainment segments, fooding, clothes and even pets and gifts. Towards the incomes, it categorizes salary, recurring deposits and dividends. With such a broad and comprehensive fiscal portfolio distribution, most of the heads are covered and a closer money management is achieved.

The app itself has been developed with an interactive and intuitive interface that serves to ease its use by any lay person. Its OS compatibility is seamless and secure buffers of it, like in the form of password protection make it a robust performer among host of competitors. Multiple accounts can be supported by the app. Easy entry of data as also export of it has been facilitated along with other features such as lock screen widget and Dropbox based synchronization. The user can have ‘in app’ purchases and can also choose to upgrade to have access to premium features for a price. With such targeted money management functions and desired safety and personal data privacy, Monefy has emerged one of the popular money manager apps for the Android platform around the world.


Top 10 Money Management Apps For Android

Wallet is a popular money manager application that is trusted by millions of Android users around the world. It has been developed to serve multiple dimensions that relate to fiscal management, savings, household budgeting and tracking of the expenses and incomes. The Wallet app for Android requires its user to login through his Goggle or email or Facebook account and all the financial data in the app is made available. This also makes syncing of the account data easy while additional safety buffers are also ensured.

One of the definitive attributes of Wallet is its ability to assist its user to engage in fiscal planning towards better savings. The app has in built functions that keep the dynamic track of the finances along income and expenditure dimensions. Simple to decipher graphical presentations are offered that are derived through the real time income and spend patterns of the user. Intuitive projections are also presented as how the savings could be boosted and better money management be achieved. Debt management and warranties track is also available. While the app supports multiple currencies, the user can sync accounts of up to 3500 banks worldwide.

Good Budget

Top 10 Money Management Apps For Android

Good Budget is a user friendly finance management app that keeps all the expenditure and incomes dynamically synced. It uses secure protocols to maintain the privacy of user’s data. Good Budget is a cross platform application that has universal compatibility with different OS including Android, iOS and Windows. The web version of this app allows maintaining the transactions in CSV format also. The app is offered for free and it also does not host advertisements that make it much desirable among the users. However, through the ‘in app’ purchases, the user can access the premium features and functions to make his money management and budgeting better.

The heads are actually categorized as ‘Envelopes’ that are displayed in stacks at the UI of the app. One can manage individual Envelopes and also find the collective balance of fiscal heads under different Envelopes. Funds transfer is possible between the Envelopes to ensure a continuum of money management across the board while generating a comprehensive picture of budget plan in execution.

Money Manager

Top 10 Money Management Apps For Android

Money Manager adopts a broader financial management portfolio for its user who can engage in personal and also business transactions tracking and budgeting. To support the dual orientations, the app has built in functions that perform in smart automation as per the programmed inputs of the user. This secures customization in finance management for the user who can access all the relevant dimensions of his personal and business budgeting at one interface. There is a passcode feature embedded in the architecture of the app and it delivers robust account security while keeping all financial information safe throughout. Bookmark feature and a calculator is also added to the app. Salary, insurance, term deposit, loans and debit & credit card transactions can be all synced efficiently in Money Manager.

Among the notable features of Money Manager App include the functions to review the finances and data at daily, weekly and monthly intervals. This is complemented with the metrics generation that is fed upon for the purpose of regular reports generation. These reports offer the insights including through the use of easy to read graphics and statistical presentations. Accounting tasks are also accomplished through Money Manager that has the ‘backup & restore’ function for saving one’s data while transitioning to another device.

Daily Expenses

Top 10 Money Management Apps For Android

Daily Expenses is an Android app dedicated to personal financial management. The user can undertake custom tailored budgeting as per his income and expenditure spreads. Moreover, all the financial data and transactions are neatly arranged under different heads so as to allow detailed reviewing any time. The Daily Expenses money manager app also generates reports while deriving objectively from the available fiscal data and information from the user’s account. The application has been designed with a light yet robustly performing UI that supports all the extended functions seamlessly. Navigation has been kept simple while the layout of the page is well segregated to keep the track of individual segments on the go. A password mechanism underpins the app’s accounts activity for the user and this keeps all data safe from unwarranted intrusions into privacy.

All the bank, credit & debit card transactions are well supported and stored securely and the user has the option to mail the same to cloud locations too. With proper budgeting tools available in Daily Expenses, one can efficiently undertake streamlined fiscal management through this app.

Andro Money

Top 10 Money Management Apps For Android

Andro Money allows efficient and dynamic management of one’s financial portfolio for the purpose of life and household budgeting. This Android app also offers dedicated functions towards business finance management from the same user interface that has been designed very simple and lucid. Thus even a lay user can make use of its functionalities to keep track of his personal and business financial spectrum. It combines all the necessary and desirable fiscal channels like bank accounts, salary, credit/debit cards transactions and loans and EMIs among others. All the financial data can be also exported as CSV format files thus making it widely usable across platforms.

The definitive aspect of Andro Money application is the visual presentation of the reports that are derived from the user’s financial data including income and expenditure categories. The subcategories are also depicted precisely to offer the detailed insights. These help in better planning of one’s budget. The account is password protected and can be synced across the devices to make it all accessible. Andro Money is free and bears all the requisite functions towards holistic financial management while there is no need for ‘in app’ purchases.

Money Lover

Top 10 Money Management Apps For Android

Money Lover is an Android app which offers customized financial management through its dedicated expense tracker and budgeting functions. With Money Lover, it is easy to dynamically manage different expense heads as categories like fooding, salary & income, shopping, bills, loans/EMIs and such others. The user can maintain multiple budget profiles through the same app and review them with the real time presentation of the data relating to spends and expenditures.

The good part of Money Lover app is that the user gets the nicely presented graphical depictions including the pie charts and bar diagrams which are shown in lucid styles. Other features of this money management app are currency converter function, loan management tools, and also cloud based syncing across the devices. Reminders of the bills lined up for payment are also served in a programmed manner.


Top 10 Money Management Apps For Android

CWMoney is an expense manager app for the Android and it also allows efficient budgeting of personal financial portfolio. CWMoney has been designed as a lightweight application that seamlessly leverages the OS structure while offering easy UI for the user who can undertake detailed tracking of expenditure and incomes on day to day basis. Different categories are available to record the expenses and more categories can be also added as per requirement.

One of the definitive features of CWMoney is that it allows project management through dedicated fields. Thus the user can manage the financial dimensions of any special project whether in household or otherwise. Presentation of facts through graphical means like pie charts allows reviewing the existing balances and payments situation. Complete safety of financial data has been ensured that can also be exported to Excel XML and CSV formats. It has widget support for quick track.

Prism Bills

Top 10 Money Management Apps For Android

Prism Bills is a budgeting and expense manager app for the Android platform. It allows the user to track his expenses and undertake budgeting in a customized manner as per the income and expenditure spreads in life and household. As the name suggests, the app Prism Bills offers host of dedicated functions towards effective and timely management of bills payments of entire diversity. The bill payment can be done by logging into one’s bank account. Reminders can be set for the next bills while payment at a later date can be also programmed. The app is available for free.

Due to broader bill payments functionalities available in Prism Bills, robust encryption mechanisms have been embedded in the app & this generates enhanced security. Devices used to access the app can be de-authorized any time by the user.


Top 10 Money Management Apps For Android

Top 10 Money Management Apps For Android

YNAB is an acronym for ‘You Need A Budget’ and this also explains the utility of this Android app! YNAB is used for keeping dynamic track of personal financial portfolio in life and household. The app offers diverse functions of automation to manipulate different heads relating to expenditure and incomes. The app adopts the underlying principle of ‘better savings’ for the user and thus assists him in multiple ways as how to maximize savings.

While the app itself is not for free, the makers of it claim that the user can save up to USD 600 in just two months of its use. The YNAB app can be however downloaded for free with a trial offer of 34 days after which, the fee of USD 50 per year is required to be paid. The app really works to help the seeker and there is a complete team of experts that is ready to escort round the clock at the request of the user. This team not merely tackles the app issues but offers vital counseling too.

Timely Bills – the ultimate personal expense manager!

While these are the trending money management and budgeting apps of age, we can still count some really smart choices like the Timely Bills that offer something extra and unique to its users! The app has been making waves because of the dedicated features that are finely resonant. All the desirable dimensions of personal fiscal management like income and expense tracking as also authentic budgeting tools allow the user to improve the savings and make out the most from his hard earned money. This app is not merely an interface loaded with functions but it is sort of personal financial assistant that works just as your financial spectrum demands. Here are the top features of Timely Bills –

  • Automatic bills detection through messages notifications analyses
  • Attaches your bill receipts for future references
  • Daily and monthly expenses manager
  • Category wise spending depictions
  • Aggregated expenses report on monthly and annual basis
  • Support for different global currencies