Expense management is a critical matter for any professional today, whether business-person or salaried. Expenses pile up very fast in the rapid lifestyles today. The variety of types in the expenses is enough to confound even the best note keepers. No matter how diligently you write down all your expenses, it is easy to miss some. Once the cracks are there in your monthly budget planning, expenses quickly fall through the cracks and account for your hard-earned income disappearing without warning. Expense management is best done today with the help of digital technology which can be convenient and powerful as well. Mobile apps are especially well equipped for this purpose as they can be handy, fast and effective. TimelyBills offers an impressive range of features in the expense management categories that makes it a compelling choice for the same.

Why is expense management important?

1) Expense management helps you build a great savings strategy. By managing your expenses, you keep a healthy part of your income towards your savings.

2) Expense management gives you an outlook into impulse buying and avoidable expenses. With expense management, you know about all the bad buying decisions that you did for the month. This helps you mitigate them in the future.

3) Expense management helps you to be reminded of bills and payments. An important part of expenses are the recurring bills. Any expense management solution takes care of that aspect as well.

4) Expense management helps you plan for larger expenses more effectively.

The designers and developers of TimelyBills– an Income and Expense management mobile app have delivered an effective bunch of features that go a long way in helping you manage your expenses in the best manner possible

Features of expense management in the TimelyBills app

The Add Expense Feature

TimelyBills lets you add an expense and choose a category, amount and date for it.

Add your Expenses
Add your Expenses

The categories can vary and you have a lot of categories to choose from. You can also add your own categories in the settings.


A new category can be used to add another expense.

3                                   1

Expense Aggregation Features

The expenses are visible on a daily basis. Each expense type is nicely denoted with an icon


The date can be changed to view it for a different date.


The settings allow for currency changes.


Reporting features

The reports allow you get a high-level view of the expenses.


It also allows you to go into the depth of each expense plotted in the chart.



We observed that TimelyBills greatly simplifies the expense management process. By maintaining a wide variety of options in the expense management types and with a strong features’ list of notifications and reminders for bills, TimelyBills has indeed created a formidable Expense Management App which every earning individual should put to use.


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  1. Rajesh Sharma

    I am glad I stopped by your blog as I was searching for some expense management app and it’s really a good app. Have been using it since a month now and it has helped scheduled my and indirectly my business life too. Thanks for such useful creations.

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